From Nervous to Media Relations Expert- Madeline Smith

Madeline Smith is a PR Assistant at Robert Communications Inc. in Rochester, New York. She found her way into the public relations field by accident but has never wanted to turn back since she found it. As someone who was once an extremely timid and nervous young woman she’s proud to see herself move from that to someone who’s able to work out of her comfort zone every day at work. We met each other through a friend on Facebook and we conducted this interview through a phone call.

First I asked her what a typical week at work was like for her. She told me no week was really ever the same as another. For the most part she needs to make sure she prioritize her clients, make status calls to check in on some clients, and then try to meet some new clients. “In the world of public relations everything can change so it’s hard to have a week similar to ones prior.”

Secondly, I wanted to know her proudest achievement at work. Like I stated in the introduction Madeline is can be a nervous person when it comes to talking to other people so she was very proud of this achievement. She was tasked with doing media relations for the Super Bowl in the Rochester area. She had to call local media and managed to secure every single deal except for one. She said was very proud of herself because she really does not like making cold calls like she did.

Next, I asked her what she does to keep current her field and what she wished she would have known prior to starting her job. She told me she makes sure she follows sites on social media like PR News, PR Daily, and Daily News. These help her keep current with everything going on. She also said it’s smart to get newsletter emailed to you daily so you never miss out on something important. For what she wish she would have known prior was that she needed to research more. She warned me about how bad it can be to go into something just blind so staying on your toes and researching is very important.

We finished the interview by talking about how important writing was in the public relations field and three tips she would give someone just starting in the field. She told me writing was a top priority. She spends all day writing emails, ads for people, and more. If she couldn’t write well she probably wouldn’t have a job. The three tips she gave me were to join your local PRSSA, get out of your comfort zone, and build your network.

I would say after this interview I’m no more or less on getting a career in the public relations field. She seemed to really enjoy her job and everything she got to do on a daily basis. I was already looking into a career in the field so nothing she did truly stood out for me but I am for sure not on the negative side of how I see PR after this interview.


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