Iowa Politician Sues Opponent Over False Ad

In 2010 a race for senator broke out in Iowa which led to a defamation case by the Republican candidate being filed. Rick Mullin, the Democrat candidate, aired an ad claiming Rick Bertrand, the Republican candidate, knew of medicine being sold that was harmful to children in the state. This claim was based off of a job the senator had before he was elected in which he worked as a regional manager and had nothing to with the product or ever how it was sold. The two teams did handle the situation a little differently.

I thought the way Rick Bertrand’s team handled the situation was very solid. Instead of talking about the case more or less they spent a lot of time talking about how the verdict was good for everyone. He is an active member of the United States government so using the verdict to make it look like it was for the people was a solid move.  “This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. It is a both party issue. It is about establishing truth and setting up precedent,” was a line Berntand used when discussing the situation.

Mullin’s team took a different course that I was not a fan of to be fair. From the articles I was able to find it seemed as if they did not really say anything. In the case not only did they lose but the Democratic Party of Iowa did too, but the only statements made were about how they would try to appeal the case. If I would have been on the team I would have more than likely issued a statement along the lines of,” We are appealing the decision and apologize that not more time was taken into consideration about the video.” Showing that you made a mistake could help you in this situation but also showing you were willing to improve would be a solid move.

Iowa senate

Courtesy of Iowa Republicans 


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