The Best Way to Run a Public Relations Campaign

Having an effective public relations campaign is key to any business in today’s world and to any public relations professional. Being able to communicate with not only the people you work with, but also the public can be a make or break concept for you. There is no exact set of steps to follow to create a perfect public relations campaign but here’s a good start for anyone.

  1. Be clear about your goals– There is no need to withhold information about your goals. Being clear and outright with your mission lets your customers and the media know exactly what the mission is for you. This is also helps with how the media will cover you because they will know exactly what your plan is and there will be no need for spinning stories or needing to fill in left our information. Reach out to the media so you can get a head start on the whole entire process.
  2. Focus everything around your audience – Your audience is key. If you do not know who you are trying to get the message across to then you will. You need to decide first who your audience is and then figure out what they want to hear and how they should hear it. Whenever you know who your target audience is you should be in direct contact with the media outlets they will likely interact with. This can help you save money but also get direct contact with the audience you are targeting.
  3. Identify free placement opportunities – There’s not many things better than something that’s free. Some radio stations will provide free 30 to 60 second PSAs for you so taking advantage of this could be key. Doing this though is to the discretion of the radio station so you will need to work around their schedule because they are benefiting you.
  4. Test your message –  A public relations campaign can be pricey. So falling back to step three you need to make sure your message is going to work. Test it on small groups because you would rather spend a little extra on a small group and know your message will work instead of pushing your message out at large and failing miserably.
  5. Find what makes you different – You need to stick out so look at your own product and understand what makes you different. People do not want to look at the same things over and over so having a different edge can be the difference maker.

It’s important to know how to run a good public relations campaign. There are many different many ways to run one so always keep an eye out for changing details but this list is a solid core and start. You will need to add your own ideas and concepts due to a changing world but having a core concept to start is a good idea.



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