PRSSA and Its Benefits

PRSSA is the Public Relations Student Society of America. If you are a student looking to get into the field of public relations then this is the top group you should be looking to be a member of today.  PRSSA is a national recognized group with strict but reasonable academic standards. The group is a student group who has a parent group named PRSA, Public Relations Society of America. There are benefits to joining PRSSA if you meet the standards.

  1. Education – PRSSA offers multiple ways to benefit in an educational way. They have events like case study competitions that works with multiple high name organizations like the U.S. Census Bureau. They also provide multiple internships and encourage students to start their own public relations group on their campuses.
  2. Broaden your network – There’s nothing more important than getting to know people in the field you want to work. It’s possible to get a job without knowing anyone in the field if you are qualified but it makes it much easier to find a career you want. Being involved in PRSSA gives you insight to top notch communication experts and let you meet professionals you may not have had the chance to meet before.
  3.  Launch career – PRSSA can help you start that career you want faster than ever. Being a member gives you access to the PRSSA internship program which could help lead to a job faster. You can also join PRSA as a graduate for only $60 a year.

There are many benefits to joining PRSSA. It’s the leading student organization within the public relations field and can only help you in advancing your career if you take advantage of it. Providing many different ways to master your public relations skills while also getting to know professionals in the field faster than you could on your own.


Emily Vontom via Flickr



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